Lauren Conrad Co. participates in #blackoutday2020 @theblackoutcoalition @laurenconradco #laurenconradcoloves #blackownedbusinesses

Courtesy: LaurenConradCo Instagram

Represent By $$$$

Lauren Conrad and her LaurenConradCo Instagram today stood by the black community joining forces with @theblackoutcoalition by not spending any money in the economy today, but if it did, only to put money into black-owned businesses.

LCCo Instagram story went onto tag black-owned businesses you can put your pennies into today, and everyday such as Partake Foods, Semicolon Bookstore, KNC Beauty, Bia Blooms, Estelle Colored Glass, and McBride Sisters Spirits.

It’s also a good day to check out Lauren Conrad Co’s relaunched, where you can find out more information on black-owned businesses, and resources to educate your children about racism.

Daniel Quintanilla

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