Nick Cordero’s son Elvis remembers dad on his cell phone #nickcordero #amandakloots #ripnickcordero #broadway #COVID19

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

The goodness, kindness, talent, and strength that Nick Cordero possesses, and lives on through the people he touched along the way, especially his one-year-old son, Elvis, who looked at his dad today in the best way possible, through his cell phone, which wife and mother, Amanda Kloots, shared on her Instagram story.

Elvis looks at a video of his dad and laughs as if he is there, then another video where Elvis sees his dad again, and mommy Amanda ask Elvis to give daddy Nick a kiss, Elvis tries his best to kiss daddy as Elvis plays with the phone trying to kiss daddy on the screen.

Amanda was so touched how Elvis thought his dad was there, also touched how Elvis remembers his dad even though it’s been months since Elvis has seen his dad before entering the ICU from COVID19.

Just 2 days after Nick passed away from COVID19 complications, Amanda remembers him in People, and efforts in the Broadway community are in motion as 30,000 signatures were collected to rename Longacre Theater “The Nick Cordero Theater”.

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