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Courtesy: Vivienne Tam

The 🌍 Earth 🌎 Will 🌏 Love ❤️ You

The buzz in fashion no doubt from COVID19 is surviving, pivoting to digital/ virtual with physical showrooms and retail still closed, but the buzz now too is sustainability, creating collections that are renewable to the Earth, less waste, no carbon footprints, and no animal cruelty, Vivienne Tam introduces us today to Transition 2020, pieces that strive on sustainability, manufactured from recycled sources to reduce landfill waste.

Transition 2020 brings you into a new era that’s strictly sustainable, Vivienne Tam has the Sustainable Project Skirt made of 100 percent nylon, as well as the Sustainable Project Top made also with 100 percent nylon, both pieces are multicolored, the skirt also is good with a Vivienne Tam T-Shirt, same with the top with Vivienne Tam Skirts, or both sustainable pieces can be paired together.

Sustainability and Sourcing go hand and hand, it’s what makes the Earth continue to go round, stopping the spread of COVID19 goes a long way for the planet also, Vivienne Tam Happy Mask does just that with beautiful designs, they’re just $48, but it’s free when you spend $300 or more.

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