Audrina Patridge winds down with a #beer @audrinapatridge #audrinapatridge #COVID19

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Good Things In A Glass

It’s certainly wonderful to settle down after a hard day’s work, even if you’re locked down in quarantine, it may not be 9 to 5, but you’re busy figuring out what the next move is, that’s where Audrina Patridge is today as she ends the day with a beer.

While Audrina has plenty of down time to work with instead of work, the only thing aside from unnecessary busy work filling up Audrina’s life is a nice cold one that’s much needed in these unprecedented times, all of us need at least one beer or two a week.

In this down time, Audrina spreads her time and energy out to her fans for a good cause, Audrina is now on Cameo, where all the proceeds you spend to speak with Audrina go to Save The Children and Prevent Child Abuse America.

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