Nick Cordero’s @CedarsSinai doctor’s #gift to #amandakloots #ripnickcordero #broadway #COVID19 #cedarssinai

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

The heroic doctors over at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Hollywood, California made leaps and bounds when the late Nick Cordero was in the ICU for 95 days before passing away, and they wanted to remember Nick in their own way, by gifting Nick’s widow, Amanda Kloots, a very special light gift that honors both Nick, Amanda, and Elvis.

As this doctor’s gift sees the light, the light cylinder shows off pictures of Nick, Amanda, and Elvis, all together as a family, as well as Nick and Amanda together as one, celebrating the many lives that Nick touched.

Amanda was so thrilled and pleased that the doctors and Cedars Sinai gave her this, it’s an extra dose of inspiration that Amanda needs as she starts to transition into the home that she and Nick built today, which will no doubt, be hard.

Daniel Quintanilla

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