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This week, TexworldUSA, who’s known for apparel sourcing, was the first in the fashion industry by far to take their semi-annual trade shows and pivot from physical to virtual, complete online ordering, information, and exhibits, one of those wholesale retailers who pivoted was Xiomen Etong, a sourcing outlet that supplies materials to clothing brands.

The Xiamen Etong Corduroy and Denim Exporting Co., Ltd, established in 2007, is a specialist export trading company in corduroy and denim fabrics.

Corduroy fabric exports 2.5 million meters and Denim exports 3.3 million meters annually.

The company has clients from all over the world, mainly located in Africa, South America, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Xiomen Etong has proven to go beyond the call of duty, meeting massive demand with its professionalism and high quality of their supply chain.

Corduroy: cotton yarn – greige weave – cutting – dyed or printed. 

Denim: cotton yarn – yarn dyed – greige weave- finished.

Because the raw materials are purchased by ourselves, the quality and delivery time are guaranteed.

At the same time the intermediate links is reduced, our price is very advantageous.

Good Quality: In order to meet customer requirements, we are extremely strict in choosing suppliers, purchasing raw material, selecting production process and confirming packaging. In addition, we assign professional staff to keep tracking in production process.

Reasonable Price: We strictly control our purchasing channels, reduce all unnecessary costs, pursue reasonable profits and provide the most competitive price for our customers.

Rapid delivery: We optimize the company processes and strive to complete the production and transport in short time.

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