West End Theatres unlikely to reopen before November after #COVID19 #westend #broadway @OliverDowden

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Wait & See

In a brief interview with The BBC’s Radio 4 today on their “Today” programme at 8:31:28 a.m. London time, Parliament Member, and Cultural Secretary, Oliver Dowden, says it’s unlikely that theatres on London’s West End will resume performances before November in COVID19 climate, and in hopes of making it in time for the holiday season.

Theatre entrepreneurs and show runners are anxiously awaiting word from the British government on when it’s okay to raise the curtain on West End shows again, some have practiced with social distancing trial runs in an effort to bring back much needed revenue to the theatre community.

Despite trial efforts, shows like “Phantom Of The Opera” could not withstand the financial losses any longer, Andrew Lloyd Webber with Cameron Mackintosh announced Monday that the show has permanently closed after a 34 year run, with hopes of re-emerging when it’s safe to.

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