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Beyond The Object

Owner and jewelry designer Meaghan Hennelly of Goldhenn Jewelry has joined forces with world-renowned curandera Michelle Ríos Rice to offer an expanded list of spiritual and healing products and services through their new brand, The Thirteen Moons. “This is a natural extension of my jewelry-making abilities,” Hennelly says. “The healing properties of gemstones and precious metals have always been integral to my process and the knowledge I share with my clients. This collaboration expands on that and allows me to offer a variety of products and services to help my clients on their spiritual and healing journeys.”

Hennelly started Goldhenn Jewelry in (enter year) and strives to provide customers with carefully crafted and lovingly designed pieces. Just as Goldhenn Jewelry blends gemstones and precious metals into wearable healing art, The Thirteen Moons melds reverent spirituality with educational guidance. The new company curates resources and designs educational courses that help students integrate the materials they study and learn in a deep, meaningful way.

“Our latest audio course, Riding the Waves of Chaos and Transforming Fear, showcases Michelle’s beautiful teaching and guidance. I use my design skills to craft a custom workbook that walks students through the workshop, carefully examining and noting how to apply what they’re learning.” Afterwards, students can shop for talismans, brand-aligned products, and essential oils to augment their lessons.

“We see this collaboration as the start of a beautiful lifestyle brand,” said collaborative partner, Michelle Ríos Rice. “People will have the opportunity to create a supportive and healing lifestyle as well as revel in beauty and shop and do the things they love. The Thirteen Moons is definitely a win-win collaboration: a win for us and a win for the people we want to serve.”

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