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Courtesy: KristinCavallari Instagram

Closer To The Weekend

It’s incredible, we made it to Thursday, Kristin Cavallari is surely happy the week’s almost over, today is a look to celebrate that fact, along with Kristin’s Uncommon James Fall 2020 collection out today for you to shop.

As Kristin goes all white head to toe with spaghetti strap tube top and white skinny slacks , which Kristin bass around the orange colored high heels platform shoes that make Kristin’s outfit, Kristin also pushed new pieces from the UJ Fall 2020 collection with inspiration from Italy, exaggerated, and very whimsical as Kristin describes in her Instagram story.

Daniel plus Lauren also highlighted a few new pieces from the Uncommon James Fall 2020 collection today involving the celebration of gold, with classic and modern coming together in their own right.

Daniel Quintanilla

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