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Where To Start

Fashion Mingle’s “Mingle Mastermind Group” returned after a 2-week break today for TexworldUSA to lay out a platform for college students to get their foot in the door in the fashion industry, with help from LIM College, this week’s session’s titled “How To Create An Internship Program For Fashion Industry Brands And Students”.

An internship of any profession, especially fashion, needs to be a time where near-graduating students get real world experience as much as possible, learn to develop a work ethic, enhance their skills, learn accountability for assignments, tasks, and projects they’re given, and not be pigeon-holed into doing one single task, and not know anything else, develop competency.

Though, a student should have fully developed work ethic from previous life skills before taking on an internship, brands and design houses must acquire students who are eager and willing to learn about the major they’ve gone to school for, as well as explain why one particular brand or design house appeals to them, what is it that make them want to work there, to learn there, and jump start their career there.

Today, an internship isn’t just about grabbing coffee for the boss or walking their dog, it’s about being apart of that company for that short amount of time, and being responsible for the job you’re given, working the floor at a fashion PR firm, and earning your stripes behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week.

But with all this good learning going on, it must be clear which side your brand is on with an internship, the side where you meet the criteria to offer an internship for college credit, or the side where if you can’t give it the ole college try, then you can at least offer a paid internship at NYC minimum wage of $15 an hour, paid work for starving college students in their field.

And as far as legal is concerned, draw up a contract on all ends that include college, and intern that makes both understand that they’re doing fruitful work while with the brand, and that students after the internship do not claim their work as their own with further endeavors.

Daniel Quintanilla

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