Maria’s Bag by @AlidaBoer #denim #facemask #COVID19 #YoTeCuido @mariasbag

Courtesy: Maria’s Bag by Alida Boer

Stylish Protection

Maria’s Bag by Alida Boer continues its efforts to stop the spread of COVID19 by producing face masks under the aegis of #YoTeGuido, their latest today includes new denim design face mask.

Perfect combination for your denim outfits. New face masks printed with various designs and canvas shades. It is made with anti micro fabric, a product woven with 100 percent polyester compacted textured yarn to give different appearances. Contains finish technology to make it anti-fluid, anti-microbial and air-proof.

Maria’s Bag also has the magnolia neuvos face mask that’s medium silk and 100 percent polyester made with anti micro fabric.

Daniel Quintanilla

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