Audrina Patridge’s bad dreams from #fullmoon? @AudrinaPatridge #audrinapatridge

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Lunar Lunacy???

There’s never an explanation to how dreams work, or why dreams occur when we sleep, it’s easy as a movie we watched before bed, or a hard as a thought or moment appearing while we sleep that’s unexpected, Audrina Patridge today confesses she’s had bad dreams lately, and could be a full moon.

Audrina’s dreams have been the most vivid, but the not so good dreams are causing Audrina not to sleep at night, Audrina wonders if any of her followers are in the same boat, or if the upcoming full moon is the cause.

Astrologers told Bustle back this March they believe since the moon controls the ocean, and humans are made up of 50 to 70 percent water, lunar activity controls a human’s water activity too, merely affecting our bodies to go another course, and cause unusual dreams, and sleepless nights.

In spite of Audrina possibly having bad dreams because of lunar activity, Audrina can sleep better knowing that she’s accepted the challenge of empowering and supporting other women of her peers, younger, and older back on Monday.

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