Kristin Cavallari gears up for ‘True Comfort’ release @KristinCav @penguinrandom #penguinrandomhouse @UncommonJames #kristincavallari #uncommonjames

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It’s official, less than 2 months from now, on September 29, Kristin Cavallari will release her second cookbook, “True Comfort”, and has a sneak peek of recipes with additional perks if you pre-order “True Comfort” now.

Kristin’s so excited about “True Comfort’s” release, that Kristin’s boomeranging through the pages of “True Comfort” in fine morning attire of matching tank top and leggings in marble gray, and her Uncommon James attire which Kristin’s just released its Fall 2020 collection and might be Kristin’s favorite yet.

Kristin’s upcoming “True Comfort” cookbook is a follow up to Kristin’s first cookbook, “True Roots”, which was released on April 3, 2018, and Daniel plus Lauren was delighted to be at the book signing the day it was released at Book Revue LI in Huntington, New York.

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