Nick Cordero’s son Elvis resembles his dad’s look #amandakloots #ripnickcordero #COVID19 #broadway

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

Nick Cordero’s wife, and now widow, Amanda Kloots, was sent an image of both her late husband, and her one-year-old son, Elvis, side by side, resembling each other 100 percent without question, Amanda pointed out today in this post that both Nick and son have the exact same look, and it’s something Amanda cherishes.

Amanda sums up Elvis as mini-Nick, because Elvis cuddles, and looks at his mommy, Amanda, the same way that the late Nick did with his wife, and feels so lucky to have her son, Elvis, in her life, as Amanda tries to find things she’s graceful for everyday day since Nick passed away 4 weeks ago today.

The biggest ritual both Amanda and Elvis have everyday is kissing Nick’s portrait day and night, plus Elvis always staring at Nick’s portrait, not only remembering his daddy, but looking to see his daddy again.

Daniel Quintanilla

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