Nick Cordero passes away from #COVID19 fight #broadway #angel

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Nick Cordero, who fought a long and courageous fight following his contraction of COVID19 for 95 days, died this morning, which was sadly passed along by his loving wife, Amanda Kloots tonight.

Nick was surround by his family, who gave him nothing but love as he fought his illness, they were singing and praying as Nick gently left this earth, Nick leaves behind his one year old son, Elvis, and is wife, Amanda, who is in disbelief and hurting from her husband’s death.

Amanda can’t imagine her life, and everyone who knew Nick dearly, their lives without Nick, he was everyone’s friend, he listened, he helped others, and loved to talk, Nick was also a loving father and husband, as well as a great actor and musician.

Amanda went and thanked Nick’s extraordinary doctor, Doctor David Ng, who was very positive, and helped Nick a great deal with his information, intelligence, and research to get Nick in a better place with his condition.

Amanda thanked all family, friends, fans, and more loving supporters who poured their love and touching thoughts and actions each day to encourage Nick to get better.

Amanda always sang the last line of “Live Your Life” to Nick everyday, “they’ll give you hell but you don’t let them kill your light, not without a fight, Live Your Life”, which Amanda will cherish, and will love Nick forever, and always be her sweet man.

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