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Outreach Matters

Fashion Mingle touched on the topic of diversity once again today, addressing concerns about minority inclusion with brands and retailers, sorting out who’s doing it for publicity, and who’s for real with it, this week’s webinar is titled “Diversity In The Fashion Industry: A Mingle Mastermind Webinar”.

There’s a fine line in fashion when dealing with diversity, there’s the top brand normally not attracting the minority demographic that adds elements to attract diversity for more revenue, or planting a leader of color in the executive position of a top brand, then there’s brands homegrown by people of color, who understand the struggle of being accepted in a white dominated industry.

The problem with adding diverse elements to a white-run brand with a white-only demographic is that there’s no intension of grasping the life, love, and struggle minorities endure on a daily basis, it’s only driven because it’s an opportunity for a photo-op, a public relations move, or an extended stream of revenue.

Plus, diverse business owners were told by major brand outlets early in their careers they don’t attract to their own skin, or wisely told they must create their own opportunity for minority advancement and inclusion, which all people must do to be taken seriously, only to be met with surprisingly great results.

Black culture is only embraced when it’s cool, for the love of style, music, and food, but it’s not always met with loving the black person as a whole, or times when other Latino women hate on each other to get to the top, so love must be honored on minorities in the fashion industry, it’s why it’s key minority-owned business support their skin every step of the way, giving them a hand up.

Daniel Quintanilla

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