Vivienne Tam reveals the full #happymask 2020 collection for #COVID19 #viviennetam @viviennetam

Courtesy: Vivienne Tam

Safety For All

Vivienne Tam is adding some colors, fun and a lot of positive energy to the new normal of 2020 with her Fashion Happy Mask Collection!

As the COVID19 global pandemic unfolds, masks have become the most important must-have accessories in our daily lives, and Vivienne Tam is inspired to make it more stylish.

Wearing the same monotonous masks every day is taking away characteristics from people amidst a dispirited atmosphere.

“When I get dressed in the morning with mask on, I felt that I am missing something that matches my outfits. So I thought of all the beautiful printed fabrics I have in my collection and created these exclusive fashion masks that injects individuality, making both the wearer and watcher happy,” said designer Vivienne Tam.

Designed with sustainability and zero-waste concept in mind, Tam’s team crafted the reusable masks by cutting the fabrics at the same time as she trims her dresses, making each piece of mask unique.

The 3D structure enhances breathability, while the lightweight and stretchy materials translates into comfort.

Complete your daily outfit with a VT Fashion Happy Mask in this season of creativity!

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