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Please Wake Up

Curve New York held again today it’s weekly webinar on the intimates industry being affected by COVID19, this week’s webinar was no exception, what’s become a temporary state of mind for the intimates industry has now become the norm, and also a long overdue day of reckoning as Jos Berry of Concepts Paris heads a webinar to “New Beginnings, Rethinking Intimates”.

The comfort industry has seen a tremendous surge in clothing, lingerie, swimsuits, etc, all of the above since we’re not required to go out and work at the office, and now most work places and schools will be virtual up until the middle of 2021, so there’s no need for all things over and under to be constricted, which is now a problem for the lingerie industry.

It’s easy to say that the lingerie/ intimates universe is suddenly in big trouble because of the pandemic, but it’s troubles have been flashing red for quite sometime now even pre-COVID19, close to as bad as retail being forced to a digital universe after delaying their inevitable fate.

The problem with the intimates/ lingerie/ beachwear industry is that it’s abandoned a more than huge customer base who want their second skin to be more comfortable to wear, not feel limited, or have to operate within boundaries because intimates too are meant to be liberating, but in a different sense.

A new mind of liberation in lingerie includes not only bringing it to the forefront when sold in retail, but being more innovative about people’s lifestyles, their busy life or not so busy at the moment, their now relaxed mindset, and paying attention to people’s body sizes, not relegating less ideal lingerie audiences to the unpopular part of the department store, or to plus size stores.

The answer right now and in the long term for lingerie is making bras and other underwear apparel more innovative, appealing, and comfortable to wear, not scare off the current climate for the sake of preserving a lingerie market that can’t spare to lose any more money than they have right now since COVID19 hit stop on life.

Lingerie/ intimates/ beachwear’s second life must be inclusive to every size and shape, prove that it can be at the forefront of retail, consider mix and matches of comfort since we’re still all at home, and if you are attracted to a certain style, design, or pattern, then you should invest in it, but intimates have to respond to still see the light of day.

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