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Reaching For Revenue

Fashion Mingle’s “Mingle Mastermind Group” today shifted gears to talk about direct customer selling, selling your brand on platforms like QVC, which is customer direct selling, shopping on site and on TV 24/7, Fashion Mingle brought in QVC host, Dawn L. Gallagher, to help brands on “How To Create a Successful Direct-To-Customer Strategy and Increase Sales”.

The key to getting on QVC is you need to established, have your ducks lined in a row, be a proven brand that sells successfully already, a good track record of sales, promotions, and relationships are what get you seen by millions on QVC.

Getting a meeting with QVC is a gigantic step in itself, you must have a good relationship already with QVC people who are looking to put you on their network and website, but QVC is always open to new brands, and it doesn’t hurt to reach out when your new, but is mainly best to have sales and action plan in progress already before you contact QVC.

Be careful on what you do with your budget when promoting your brand, spend money in places where there’s a better shot of boosting sales, partner with as much people as possible to get your brand noticed, look for free means to promote your business, and definitely boost your social media presence not only with influencers, but with your customer base for better sales and higher revenue, and improve your chances to be on QVC.

As you build your brand, and better your chances to get on QVC, one step to get more money in your hands is applying for loans currently out right now to put into your business, but make sure your credit is good, so clean that up before you apply for any loan, you’ll need the maximum amount lent to you.

QVC also does not buy from retail, but buy from wholesale, QVC test small orders first to see how well you do on TV and on the QVC e-commerce website because you’re products are sold evergreen all the time, QVC mainly starts you online to see how you do before TV, QVC wants you to promote your own website to boost your brand so it boost your sales on QVC so there’s not always exclusivity, and you better have an attorney to draw up your deal with QVC.

All in all, don’t do QVC too soon before your brand is ready, every angle of your business must be strong, always promoting, and always making money before QVC even puts you in their purview.

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