Lauren Conrad reacts to @JamesCharles negative reaction of empty Lauren Conrad Beauty package sent #jamecharles #laurenconrad

Courtesy: LaurenConradBeauty & jamescharles Instagram

It’s Funny

Lauren Conrad has been on the move since launching Lauren Conrad Beauty nearly 2 weeks ago, surprising the beauty industry and A-Listers alike about the new eco-friendly makeup like Lauren has on hand, Lauren’s had virtually positive reactions from Hollywood and Main Street, but one wasn’t shy about reacting negatively about Lauren’s beauty line, and it was just from an empty package which E! News reported last Thursday.

YouTube beauty blogger, James Charles, did not hesitate to vlog about his feelings of Lauren not having any talent, or having no business launching a makeup line, James says it was a joke, but it could’ve been stemmed from the lack of makeup in the box.

Lauren reacted saying it was a funny story on her Instagram comments and how it was a whole misunderstanding, and that she sent out an empty box to James by mistake, and would immediately fire herself for the grave error.

James immediately apologized to Lauren saying it was only meant to be a joke, and that both James and Lauren are now on good terms again, Lauren’s editing team today loved what their favorite LCB beauty product was and why.

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