Lauren Conrad #son Charlie Wolf Tell says #goodnight & wiggles #toes thanks to @honest @LaurenConrad #honest #laurenconrad

Courtesy: LaurenConrad Instagram

Bedtime On Cue

Lauren Conrad had one more thing to do tonight before ending the day and heading off to bed, Lauren settled down her youngest son, Charlie Wolf Tell, by reading him a story called “Good Night, Wiggle Toes” by Roda Ahmed and Leandra Rose.

The book was recommended by Honest, a baby and beauty product collection that’s all natural, and is created by Jessica Alba, who created Honest so you don’t have to worry where your products come from.

After Lauren read “ Good Night, Wiggle Toes”, Lauren was asking Charlie Wolf if he could wiggle his toes, and sure enough, Charlie Wolf wiggles his tiny little toes.

Lauren also in the Instagram story asked Charlie Wolf if he could say good night to his tiny little toes, and right on cue, Charlie Wolf Tell to his toes said, “Good Night, Toes”.

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