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I’ll Get It

In the latest issue today of Nashville Lifestyles, Kristin Cavallari is featured as their “Women In Business 2020: Kristin Cavallari” article, where Kristin’s roots of her motivation are revealed, and go back to times of pre-“Laguna Beach”.

Kristin says she got her first job at age 14, not because she needed a job, but because she wanted to get a job, where Kristin learned at a very young age that if she wanted something, you have to do it yourself and work hard, Kristin also declares herself a go-getter.

Kristin also learned there are many steps she had to take to where Kristin is at today, with a successful celebrity brand, and a successful lifestyle brand that is Uncommon James, Kristin had to go through many rejections in order to teach Kristin how to keep fighting no matter what.

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