Equinox to reopen in New York City September 2 @equinox #equinox #nyc #COVID19

Courtesy: Equinox Instagram

Life Is Back

Equinox announced tonight on their Instagram that all their New York City gyms will reopen this Wednesday, September 2, but it will require you to make a reservation before you go and workout, where all clubs are now transformed because of the pandemic.

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, gave the green light for gyms to reopen back on August 17, but needed one to two weeks to get ready and be inspected by New York State officials before gyms could reopen.

Also reopening this coming Wednesday is Equinox Hotel in New York’s Hudson Yards, where the fittest, and one of the best new hotel in the world will also be transformed for our safety to stop the spread of COVID19.

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