Nick Cordero’s final public performance before #COVID19 #ripnickcordero #broadway @NoBully_org

Courtesy: remembering_nick Instagram

Lights Up

Recovered by remembering_nick on Instagram not too long ago, what you see here is the very last time that Nick Cordero performed in general back on March 9, 2020, two days before COVID19 was declared a pandemic, and a few weeks before Nick himself contracted COVID19.

Nick was performing in the “Broadway Against Bullying” live stage benefit, a star-studded gala to raise awareness about bullying at all levels, and to eradicate bullying and cyber bullying worldwide, Nick here did what he did best, sing show tunes from famed Broadway shows.

Next Sunday, Broadway On Demand bring all of Nick’s family and friends together to pay tribute to Nick in a livestream featuring singing, pictures, and messages celebrating Nick’s life cut way too short.

Daniel Quintanilla

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