Equinox & Equinox Hotel reopens in #nyc @equinox @EquinoxHotels #EQXHomecoming #ItsNotFitnessItsLife #COVID19 #NewYorkStrong

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Let’s Get To It

Today is a very important day for Equinox in New York City, both Equinox gyms and Equinox Hotel in Hudson Yards has reopened after being shutdown for nearly 6 months because of stay at home orders caused by COVID19.

As Equinox is the true standard of fitness and also is voted as the best new hotel in the world by highly regarded travel magazines, Equinox hands down will have rigorous hospital grade standard cleaning and sanitizing to keep you safe with your workout, and accommodations.

And after New York State have the green light to reopen gyms last month, Equinox then announced that it would reopen today after prepping its gyms and hotel for you to encounter an urban oasis like no other.

Daniel Quintanilla

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