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Good-Bye Tokens

Fashion Mingle kicked off September today with their first Friday of the month “Diversity In The Fashion Industry” series, this “Mingle Mastermind Series” in the Mingle Mastermind Group addresses models of color, who want to be looked at more than just a token in a shoot with “Diversity in the Modeling Industry”.

Most models of color are hired based on how they’ll benefit the brand they’re hired by, but that’s only how far it’ll go, they won’t be involved in deciding hair and makeup according to how they naturally look, it goes according to what the brand wants from their model of color.

Representation is surely lacking in the modeling industry, models of color have been advised not to speak up about not being represented entirely with a brand or agency, the penalty has been that one particular model of color has lost jobs to a point where they no longer get work.

Most big brands go back to the philosophy of long time 400 year British thinking, where light skinned color is superior, and dark skinned color is inferior.

Thanks to social media and the internet, it’s hard to ignore diversity or dark color in the modeling industry, because there is a tremendous buying power with diverse consumers, to a point where one’s thinking of it being a risk is more greater being a reward, there’s also a huge growth of black entrepreneurs who truly pay attention to their background entirely, with brands and new opportunities being spun off onto all levels of black.

The power of the dollar has to be bargained by black models and black consumers against big brands of all kinds, there has to be the threat from the black customer base to stop spending their money on brands that don’t represent them entirely, brands that don’t see beyond the token.

Daniel Quintanilla

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