Berkshire Theatre Group’s union-performs ‘Godspell’ in #COVID19 era @BrkshireThtrGrp #godspell #broadway @CBSThisMorning #CTM

Courtesy: Berkshire Theatre Group

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The streets of Broadway in New York City and other stages across the country may still be closed due to the COVID19 pandemic, there’s a string of hope up in Massachusetts with the Berkshire Theatre Group, as they’re currently performing a union production of “Godspell”, but with the utmost strict guidelines to not only stop the spread of COVID19, but to make this new normal work, which “CBS This Morning” also featured today.

When Berkshire says new normal, they mean it, constant sanitizing and cleaning, temperature checks for both casts and performance attendees, partitions installed on stage, the cast staying together as long as possible during the performance run, and they all live together to stop the spread during the run too.

In early June, “CBS News Sunday Morning” featured Barrington Stage Company which reimagined its theater space not only on stage, but socially distanced its aisle seats, along with other stages across the country re-emerging in a COVID19 world.

Plus, Andrew Lloyd Webber in the U.K. has made his Palladium Theatre as safe as possible by ordering $300,000 worth of COVID19 proof equipment from Korea, to the point where social distancing is not needed.

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