Lauren Conrad’s #flowers from @GraceRoseFarm @LaurenConrad #laurenconrad

Courtesy: LaurenConrad Instagram


Lauren Conrad took a moment from her Instagram story tonight to show off all the beautiful roses Lauren acquired from a place called Grace Rose Farm out in Santa Yenz, California that are beautifully displayed in Lauren’s crowned garden.

Grace Rose Farm Is excited to offer our most affordable bouquet ever, The Rosey Posey Bouquet contains 14 stems of our brightest, most fragrant garden roses in bloom when your roses are being handpicked.

This bouquet is “farmer’s choice” meaning we’ll pack your bouquet with a variety of whichever roses are most cheerful and pretty.

You can expect a mix of pink, coral, fuchsia, peach, cream, violet, golden and wine colored blooms all with the intoxicating fragrance our roses are known for having.

Many of our roses bloom in clusters, so you can count on having many more than one dozen blooms.

Daniel Quintanilla

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