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Help Is Good

Not having another parent alongside with you for whatever reason to raise your kids is not the easiest thing in the world, especially when your spouse may have passed away like with Amanda Kloots, who’s beloved husband was Nick Cordero, who both brought their son, Elvis, into this world, Amanda in this new parenting environment she’s in as a single parent, can use all the help she can get, that’s why Amanda today she uses the Peanut App, seeking advice from other single parents who have, or are there as we speak.

The Peanut App is a like-minded space for women throughout fertility and motherhood, where you can find support, learn from one another, and build friendships along the way, Amanda surely recommends this space where you can ask questions, or just look for a friend to lean on, and even hang out with.

Amanda is extremely grateful for all the help she can get now that Nick is no longer here on earth, Amanda’s also grateful for all the friends and family that were grateful to have Nick in their lives as “The Nick Cordero Tribute” showcased on Sunday.

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