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Courtesy: UncommonJames Instagram

Say Good Night

Kristin Cavallari tonight on her Uncommon James Instagram story put her huge Uncommon James Demi-Fine Jewelry launch day to a close right from home, after a long day top to bottom on promoting it in every way possible.

Kristin wrapped up the day by saying thank you to those who followed along all day, and singed off tonight by getting ready to put her kids to bed, who also helped along the way in the ladder part when Kristin arrived home as Kristin cooked a recipe from her “True Comfort” cookbook.

Kristin teased her UJ Demi-Fine launch beginning last night with a little preview, then Kristin released the UJ Demi-Fine at midnight central, started the morning work a workout, created an office look, got latte from “True Comfort”, cold called devoted patrons of UJ Demi-Fine, cooked “True Comfort” burrito bowls, and now is finally saying good night after a great astonishing day by putting her 3 children to bed.

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