Curve Connect holds their first-ever virtual convention @curvexpo @HurrayKimmay @MoreThanMy #morethanmynumbers #lingerie #beachwear #intimates #COVID19

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Nothing Can Stop Ya

Today was a new chapter, more like a new book for Curve New York which usually holds their intimates trade show this time of year at the Javits Center in New York’s Hudson Yards, it was a day where all their trade show efforts went digital, welcome to Curve Connect, a new virtual experience for exhibitors, retailers, visitors, and press alike, a new way to connect, and find the latest bras, panties, loungewear, and swimwear to keep the doors of your business open, even though COVID19 has shut the world down.

There’s no one better than Hurray Kimmay, who’s an undergarments expert, to introduce us to Curve Connect, and the fantasy world of lingerie, beachwear, and intimates, all coming to life to bring us brands that you, or your business will benefit from having on your shelves, or in your closet, both retailers and brands have also benefited by reaching out to each other to see how they can help, or get to work in this unprecedented time.

The first day of Curve Connect also brought together retail and brand owners for a webinar titled “Wearing a Mask: Myth, Facts, & Why it’s Fashion’s Newest Accessory”, despite all the reports that cloth masks are worse than not wearing a mask at all, these designers in this webinar have made mask that are safe enough to keep COVID19 from spreading, and still can be used up to at least 80 times, reducing waste in the environment, all at various price points, no extra costs in producing and sanitizing stores now open, and are the newest underwear to have, on your face.

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