Fashion Mingle #minglemastermindgroup discusses how Times Square Fashion Week #TSQFW came together in #COVID19 @FashionMingle

Courtesy: Times Square Fashion Week

Overcoming Peril

Fashion Mingle came together in their Mingle Mastermind Group today to talk about the extremely collaborated effort that it took to put together Times Square Fashion Week, an event by DCG Group Media and Fashion Mingle as well in the heart of Times Square as it is a much-needed fashion experience during a pandemic.

Planning for TSQFW went as far back as last year, securing all the permits and technologies needed to pull this event off, but when COVID19 struck, and offices to render the necessary permits were shutdown, there was doubt TSQFW would even happen.

However, 2 months before TSQFW even took place, permits were finally secured, so it left little time to put an event together, but through the magic, and means of great contacts, photographers, tech people, designers, models, makeup artists, stylists, assistants, and so on, plus TSQFW creator, Dee Rivera, with her drive to get TSQFW on no matter what, TSQFW happened.

As with any runway show or any event in general, what can go wrong, will go wrong, obstacles before and during TSQFW occurred, but those involved in such a much-needed effort during unprecedented times made Time Square Fashion Week an amazing experience, with runway shows, guest speakers, and digital billboards in Times Square which wouldn’t been available otherwise, and tons of photo opportunities in the crossroads of the world that for the moment is quiet.

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