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How Does It Happen?

Filing for divorce isn’t an easy decision, it doesn’t happen overnight, and even if actions culminate over time, there’s still no snap judgement to divorce, that’s what Kristin Cavallari elaborated today to People as Kristin opened up about splitting from Jay Cutler, plus moving on from the cameras.

Kristin stresses she was only 23 when she met Jay, Kristin was very young and at a different place in her life, so both Kristin and Jay matured in their relationship that led to marriage and 3 kids, they also grew apart, and it got difficult to see eye to eye, and tried everything they could to make it work.

The world knew Kristin and Jay had a marriage crisis, but were idolized as having the perfect marriage, Kristin’s E! reality series, “Very Cavallari”, didn’t show how extremely difficult Kristin and Jay’s marriage became, the cameras only went so far, and cut excruciating moments on the editing floor, parts where Kristin doesn’t even want her kids to see one day when they’re old enough to understand.

Kristin did the best she could, but there was only so much drowning Kristin was willing to endure, which also led to Kristin to walk away from “Very Cavallari”, pulling the plug after 3 seasons, needing a huge breather while stepping into her new life as a divorced single mom, and a successful entrepreneur, and not the world to know about how difficult divorce is.

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