Nick Cordero contracted #COVID19 after New York City trip #ripnickcordero #newyork #amandakloots @nytimes #nytimes #broadway #liveyourlife

Courtesy: New York Times

In an interview with the New York Times on Tuesday, Nick Cordero’s widow, Amanda Kloots, says her late husband got sick with COVID19 shortly after taking a trip to New York in March, just as New York City and New York State became the original epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It was 6 months after Nick, Amanda, and their son, Elvis, moved from New York City to live in Los Angeles, California, where Amanda was building her AK fitness business, and Nick was performing immensely in the Hollywood stage production of “Rock Of Ages”.

Over 200,000 have died from COVID19, and many too have recovered from COVID, Amanda cannot understand why Nick was hit very hard from COVID, or how he got COVID, it led to Nick’s leg getting amputated, an infection of his lungs, fever spike, dying for 2 minutes, and downhill spiral from there.

Amanda also feels Nick got trapped at the height of the pandemic, where the hospital had a staggering amount of COVID cases, and they could only give as much care as they could to Nick, also believing Nick’s outcome may have been different if Nick got COVID19 now.

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