Maria Menounos rocks out @UncommonJames #jewelry @mariamenounos @KristinCav #uncommonjames #mariamenounos #kristincavallari

Courtesy: UncommonJames Instagram

Hands Up

Kristin Cavallari has plenty of Uncommon James to go around in very key circles, as well as Hollywood A-Listers and social media influencers, today’s newest Uncommon James inductee is Maria Menounos, who can’t wait to rock out her Uncommon James goodies.

Maria pans out her phone to show off all the Uncommon James jewelry you’re already familiar with, Maria’s UJ includes Medusa Necklace, Hollis Bracelet, Milestone Bracelet, La Mode Hoop Earrings, and Edie Earrings, all ready for Maria to attack on the world.

Daniel Quintanilla

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