Amanda Kloots now #sleeps on Nick Cordero’s side with @BollAndBranch bedding #amandakloots #nickcordero #bollandbranch #liveyourlife #broadway #COVID19

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

Sleep Is Good

The hardest thing at night after you’ve lost a loved one either by breakup, divorce, or death, is sleeping in the bed the two of you shared, it’s one thing Amanda Kloots, the widow of Nick Cordero, who lost his battle with COVID19, faced Thursday night, as Amanda revealed early today she is now sleeping on Nick’s side, but not without 2 major changes, with help from Boll & Branch in one of them.

In order for Amanda to stop fearing bedtime since Nick is no longer with us, Amanda had to change her mattress from king size to queen size, plus buy new cozy bedding (comforters, sheets, spreads, and pillows), that’s where Boll & Branch comes in, with cozy, exciting, and comfortable bedding that you can look forward to each and every night, and not leave out of in the morning, bedtime becomes exciting again, and you can embrace the side your spouse use to sleep on like Amanda did.

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