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What You Need To Know

If you’re a starving artist, or a starving fashion designer in need of a boost, from a popular figure, then you’ve got your meal ticket, but hold on, there’s a lot that happens before you sign the ink for that A-Lister, or sports superstar, that’s what Fashion Mingle today deals with in their Mingle Mastermind Sessions titled “How Working With Celebrities and Athletes Can Supercharge Your Marketing”.

The initial thought is that if you sign a celebrity or athlete, you as the designer is set for life, but make sure your brand is the right fit for that celebrity, and once you sign, you have to accomplish the impossible to make that public figure happy, without losing your shirt, or your focus.

Sometimes, if you take on a celebrity, you have to make sure you have them sign a contract first before they work with you, just to make sure that all the work you put into making that client happy doesn’t go to waste, or break the bank if that celebrity pulls out at any given time.

Even if your brand doesn’t have an A-List roster of clients, be open-minded to up and coming celebrities and athletes, where they could be the next Jennifer Lopez or Kobe Bryant so to speak, be aware of their style, and have the ability to spot if they’ll be a big name one day.

Plus, the starting point to any celebrity or athlete relationship you develop with your brand is intercepting your work on their closest friends on social media, and even in real life, get to know a public figure’s inner circle as a strategic stepping stone to the celebrity or athlete you know will fit your brand.

With any celebrity or athlete, if they’re who you’re designing for, your brand ambassador, or if you’re even paying them all-inclusive to wear your brand or attend your event, remember to be aware of their attitude, if a celebrity or athlete gives you a hard time and demands to be included in your brand, you can refuse, and the fashion industry will not forget that.

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