Kristin Cavallari’s @UncommonJames #jewels for day 1 #truecomfort home tour @PenguinRandom @KristinCav #uncommonjames #penguinrandomhouse #kristincavallari

Book Jewels

It’s certainly a great day to kick off a book tour, even from home where Kristin Cavallari was today back in Nashville, Tennessee as Kristin showed off a whole lot of jewelry from her Uncommon James collection to promote “True Comfort” out tomorrow.

Kristin’s UJ jewelry ranges from UJ Medallion Necklace, UJ Divine Hoop Earrings, UJ Class Act Huggies Earrings from Kristin’s just released UJ Demi-Fine Jewelry collection, UJ Black Enamel Heart Ring, and UJ Classic Chain Ring that all fit into Kristin’s early look before switching over earth tone sweatpants to jeans later on today when Kristin cooks.

Daniel Quintanilla

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