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Live Comfort

Kristin Cavallari went live today with Talk Shop Live from her kitchen in Nashville, Tennessee for a first-ever virtual book signing with Kristin’s just-released cookbook, “True Comfort”, since COVID19 has put the entire nation on lockdown, this is a virtual book signing like no other, it’s a question and answer from those tuning in while Kristin cooks a few recipes from her “True Comfort” cookbook while talking with her viewers and her assistant guiding Kristin along the way.

With the magic of television/ livestream, Kristin made banana bread, chocolate pistachio crusted figs, and Tahiti spiced hot cocoa which Kristin’s 3 children absolutely love.

Kristin cannot stress enough that you don’t have to count calories when preparing recipes from “True Comfort”, you can enjoy comfort food without all the guilt, processed ingredients, or weight gain, because every ingredient used for each recipe is recognizable to your body, and doesn’t get stored and cause weight gain.

Kristin also told those who bought “True Comfort” and tuned in that when Kristin was pregnant with her first child, Camden, Kristin stopped worrying about counting calories because Kristin focused on eating without guilt, in the exact same fashion that Kristin writes “True Comfort” and “True Roots”, the result was not being left with that much baby weight after giving birth, and Kristin lost the baby weight fast.

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