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The Future Is Key

Fashion Mingle rounded up its group of Mingle Masterminds once again today for a look at “Diversity In The Fashion Industry: Why Your Vote Matters”, because COVID19 and civil unrest has put such minor issues essential for the survival of those working in fashion in jeopardy of evaporating permanently.

It all starts with voting because the fashion industry survives on the gig economy, the gig economy has all but disappeared because of COVID19 shutdowns, leading to layoffs, furloughs, businesses and brands (large and small) to close up shop permanently, with no where else to turn, the PPE loans have only helped so many people in its 2 or 3 rounds given out by the government, so it’s key the right people are representing our government to give small businesses and minorities a fighting chance.

Though, it’s important to make your voice heard in this upcoming election all across the country, this same topic, plus civil unrest dating back to May in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic has put help for minority businesses in fashion way out on the back burner, where they were already suffering at the height of the pandemic.

In spite of President Trump himself testing positive for COVID19, and no chance of the second Stimulus bill passing the Senate after it passed the house, and bailout money going to those businesses the government knows won’t survive, those who have to survive for a living are going to have to rely on themselves again, and on each other to let our government know that the fashion industry matters, especially since fashion thrives on the gig economy.

Daniel Quintanilla

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