Amanda Kloots explains how she’s dealt with #grieving over #nickcordero #amandakloots #liveyourlife #broadway #COVID19

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No Down Moments

Amanda Kloots has been involved in every activity possible to handle the grief from the death of her husband, Nick Cordero, a lot better, so Amanda shares with you today her ways she’s dealing with grief to keep herself out of serious moments of emotions that grief plagues on you.

The first thing Amanda does is planning, writing, and executing a schedule of her day, so Amanda knows what she needs to do and focus on so there’s no down time to grieve.

The second things Amanda deals with grief first thing in the morning is get up and get out of the house to do things or move your body, because chaos happens when you stay in the house like emails, deliveries, phone calls, etc., which leads to feeling overwhelmed, then panic and anxiety.

Next is Amanda needs her home to be clean, minimal, peaceful, and serene, because walking into an all of the above home helps Amanda feel at ease when dealing with chaos outside the home.

Amanda also fines that going out and working, no matter how big or little your job is during COVID19 helps extremely well when dealing with grief, forcing you to focus on something else other than loss.

And the last tip Amanda shares how she deals with grief is writing, write or journal out whatever your feeling, even if you’re not grieving, writing is very powerful, Amanda also is writing a book with her sister, Anna, to pen her experience of Nick battling COVID19.

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