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Love The Accolades

Equinox Hotels, courtesy of Equinox, the one gym you need to join, and the newest hotel in New York City that sits in Hudson Yards, collected another award today by Condé Nast Traveler thanks to their readers voting Equinox Hotel the Reader’s Choice Award win for Best New York Hotel in Equinox Hotel’s launch year.

In Condé Nast’s words, Equinox Hotel, which takes up 14 floors of a 92-floor building, is all about wellness and fitness, think massages followed by IV vitamin drips, cryotherapy chambers, and one of the prettiest rooftop pools in New York.

The 212 rooms are equally lovely, with beds made of horse hair and non-toxic fibers and sauna-sized showers with multiple heads.

And before you write off the hotel as being only for fitness fanatics, fear not: The focus here is on feeling good in your own body, not counting calories or weight loss.

And in the words of Equinox Hotels, the fittest hotel on earth, stay where high-performance lives.

We created Equinox Hotels for those who rest and play as hard as they work.

For those who seek a place that matches the scale of their ambitions and a space to restore and regenerate.

Equinox Hotels.

For those who want it all.

Daniel Quintanilla

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