Nick Cordero’s son Elvis reminds widow #amandakloots how scary #COVID19 is #nickcordero #liveyourlife #broadway

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

Amanda Kloots, wife of the late Nick Cordero, revealed today the calamities that COVID19 can cause, no matter how mild or severe it is, even causing death, like with Nick 3 months ago yesterday, all Amanda has to do is look at one-year-old son, Elvis’s face.

One look at Elvis, and Amanda’s reminded of the struggle she went through for 95 days to fight to save Nick’s life, also reminded that Nick died from the COVID19 battle, also reminded to stay safe, wear a mask, and treat others kindly, and also reminded of President Donald J. Trump’s words, and to vote for Joe Biden on November 3.

Daniel Quintanilla

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