Audrina Patridge gets back to #workout in #COVID19 @AudrinaPatridge #audrinapatridge #fitness

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Expect The Unexpected

Like you, and many of us these last 7 months thanks to COVID19, we’ve quarantined at home, where we can’t go out, or especially go to the gym, we’ve worked out at home, plus homeschooling and work from Zoom comes up, so we’re in a dilemma we can’t always get our workout in on some days or even weeks, Audrina Patridge faced that same dilemma so Audrina today got back to it, got back to her workouts.

Audrina stresses she tries to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in every day no matter what the exercise is, also stressing it was a lot easier when Audrina use to have a trainer, someone who held Audrina accountable on her goals, keeping Audrina motivated and on her toes.

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