Kristin Cavallari plays @UncommonJames #jewelry guessing game with kids @KristinCav #kristincavallari #uncommonjames

Courtesy: KristinCavallari Instagram

Match Game

On the way to work and school today, Kristin Cavallari got her kids engaged with car pool entertainment, plus a little guessing game powered by her Uncommon James jewelry, with Kristin wearing layered necklaces, and Kristin asking what’s on her nose, and one of the kids guessed a nose ring with Kristin asking how’d they knew.

Earlier today, Kristin did a Wednesday shot of her UJ work day outfit when a little naysayer came on the side and said her jewelry wouldn’t sell and didn’t like it, Kristin delightfully explained to her child she’s trying very hard to get people to buy UJ.

Daniel Quintanilla

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