Kristin Cavallari declares it #takeyourkidstoworkday @UncommonJames #uncommonjames @KristinCav #kristincavallari

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Character Early

It’s always good that your children take an interest in what you do for work at an early age, whether it’s 7 years old or even 15 years old, the best way for your child to build character is through hard work, that’s what Kristin Cavallari teaches her children today as Kristin brought over her kids to her Uncommon James offices in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kristin’s 2 sons, Camden and Jaxon, are walking around the UJ Headquarters listening to sound on the headphones while also holding the camera at various points, it’s all part of the everyday hard work Kristin puts into making Uncommon James an A-List must have in Hollywood.

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