Get Kristin Cavallari’s @UncommonJames #fw2020 third drop #look @KristinCav #kristincavallari #uncommonjames

Courtesy: UncommonJames Instagram

Look Of Italy

With Kristin Cavallari’s Uncommon James Fall/ Winter 2020 drop number 3, Kristin goes deep into her true Italian roots to express the romance and excitement of love in fall, Kristin also grants you an opportunity today to get the UJ look you see in the image above.

The look is filled with Italy inspiration found in the romantic world of UJ that’s seen in the Nightcap Ring, Sophia Necklace, Verona Necklace, Medici Ring, Due South Necklace, New Dawn Ring, and Hope Cuff Bracelet, all bringing out the Italian roots Kristin truly puts her heart and soul into with this UJ 3rd Drop.

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