Fashion Mingle’s #minglemastermindgroup seeks to build strong fashion community @FashionMingle #COVID19

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We’re In This Together

Fashion Mingle today once again held its weekly Mingle Mastermind Group session on addressing the concerns of the fashion industry in the midst of upheaval, and COVID19, today’s session went into “Building A Stronger Fashion Community”, a cohesive standing strong in fashion’s future.

As COVID19 forced fashion not only to pivot to a virtual/ digital/ Zoom universe, but for fashion to face its own shortcomings of the last 10 to 20 years, designers, models, brands, manufacturers, gig workers, production, and so on, now find themselves at a place they’d never thought they’d be at, producing only comforts and face mask, out of business, or out of work.

Quarantine in present tense and social media in past and present tense too have hurt fashion’s bottom line, so now it’s time for brands and designers to come together locally, and do whatever possible to stay in business, get creative, try to give college students, fresh graduates, and even veterans in fashion a chance to unite as one, and be strong and ready for fashion’s next phase, and fight to stay in business with every hand up and leg up possible by the government and within the fashion community.

One way to connect to your fashion community is to give back, find ways to volunteer not only within your community, but even with brands, designers, retailers, and community affairs, non-profits, and large & small organizations to strengthen your outreach, as well as your connections to those in fashion; it starts with seeing what an organization’s needs are, adhering to their rules, executing the task, then providing your own ideas once you establish strong community relations in those organizations, and in fashion in the long run.

The fashion community is in need of a major lifeline, local issues in fashion also affect fashion at a national level, so it’s vital that PPP loans that are suppose to help small businesses right now in COVID19 get distributed to the community businesses that need help the most, stimuluses also help individuals in every way possible, we need to keep our doors open, the economy also needs to change as a whole so there’s a better future for small businesses, leading to a rosier future for fashion once again.

Daniel Quintanilla

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