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The New Bra

Curve New York’s “Curve Connect” virtual trade show today held a webinar on the inevitable problems plaguing the bra industry that existed even before COVID19 brought it out in the open, it’s finding balance of comfort and traditional construction in the bra, ways of “Getting Under Her Skin – A Discussion on the Fit Dilemma” with Jos Berry and Wacoal.

For as long as we can remember, wire bra brands and retailers made and sold their intimates to an exclusive body type, one that caters only to a certain size range, that size range justifies why the wire bra works, but more cushion has grown on our bodies, women of “normal” sizes became dissatisfied about not finding a bra that fits their body, they sought out comfort more than ever.

Bra makers are on two sides, the traditional bra maker that are found in retailers with the wire bras you know and love, and now there’s the digital bra makers who market online only, but manufacture comfortable bras using new fabrics and even new machine tools to produce the bra a new second skin looking traditional but feeling better to wear.

Now that the COVID19 pandemic has kept you in quarantine, there’s no need to strap on the traditional wire bra for work, women now want comfort according to their body type which is now size normal than what the bra industry calls normal, all bra brands have to collaborate with one another about inclusivity, producing a better bra or second skin that requires new special fabrics or high quality fabrics with new types of manufacturing that reimagines a woman’s body at a normal level, way beyond the bra normal.

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