Amanda Kloots discusses #socialmedia and #nickcordero on @TheTalkCBS #TheTalk #liveyourlife #broadway #COVID19

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Amanda Kloots, who bravely fought to save her late husband, Nick Cordero, after Nick suffered a 95 day battle with COVID19, appeared on CBS’s “The Talk” on Wednesday afternoon, discussing how social media plays a big role in Amanda’s life, plus a new song paying tribute to Nick by the casts of “Waitress”.

Amanda discusses how she runs 2 businesses on social media being “Hurray For Life” and AK Fitness, plus social media was very important to update her followers day-to-day on Nick’s condition as Nick battled COVID19.

Plus, Amanda revealed a new song dedicated to Nick by “Waitress” Meg Toohey featuring Sara Bareilles, Nick was a part of the cast of “Waitress” where Amanda remembered a time when his casts rallied together to cheer him up when his dad passed away.

Right before “The Talk”, Amanda briefly documented her arrival at CBS Studio Center in Hollywood, California as this was a dream come true for Amanda, and didn’t want the morning to end.

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